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Monday, February 25, 2008

a nearly perfect day

Okay, I'm detangling myself from flickr now to pop in here and jot down a few thought from the day - and what a lovely day it has been! The weather was perfect and my mood was amazingly good but even better I spent nearly the entire day with my kids! So many days go by when I don't take the time to pro-actively train them, play with them and just generally enjoy being with them. They are great kids and truly a joy to raise but in the day-to-day I miss so much.
Today we tossed balls, I listened to Beth read a book all by herself and was amazed as she said "I need to read another page because that one was so short" and we brought a blanket outside and I started reading "eat pray love" which was not at all what I expected but I'm looking forward to reading more of tonight. After dinner I washed dishes while the girls played outside some more. They yelled and ran and climbed on trees, they fed sticks to the dog and Katie-Abigail only bonked Emma on the head with a stick once! I bathed them before bed and brewed some Starbucks coffee.
I didn't get the bathroom clean like I'd hoped (though I did wash the towels in this lovely new scented detergent I bought!) and I didn't even get started sorting out the girls room like I'd planned, but I think I chose the right thing to do today. This afternoon I kept thinking "what has happened to this day? why haven't I done more?" then I realized that I had been too busy toting my babies around and it just puts a smile on my face to realize that today I was present. Today I looked my children in the eye and told them "I love you" and I listened and I laughed. Today I felt alive. Not half asleep, overwhelmed, trying to escape the pain. Those painful thoughts did creep up but as soon as they did I set them aside. "I will not allow this to define who I am." I'd think to myself. "I will not allow this to consume me." and I put on praise music by Paul Baloche, Matt Papa and Tim Hughes and I turned it up loud!
About "eat pray love" it is a "spiritual" book but not a Christian book. In the beginning pages she thanks her Guru! I have certainly never read anything like this before! But it's an easy and enjoyable read and I look forward to hearing her observations about live and spirituality, so now I'm going to snuggle down on the couch and read while I wait for Daniel to come home from work.


Mari said...

You inspire me...I pray these words you wrote ring in my ears when my little ones want to play and there are 5,000 things to be done in the house. Thank you!

Jamie Lanier said...

oh how i love days like these. my monday was wonderful too. the weather was so good i could've cried over it. i was soooo hoping spring was near. and then tuesday it was NOT near! but today, at least there is sun. and the sky is very very blue. that helps.