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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a moment to whine

ugh! photograph is so HARD! Everything I know about taking a good picture I have pretty much learned through imitation and fiddling with my camera. I knew my old camera's limitations I had my little tricks and I knew my limitations. But this new camera is driving me crazy! I love it but it's driving me crazy. I know I can take awesome photos but getting those photos is HARD. There is so much to try to remember, so much I have to check every time I turn on my camera otherwise the photos are all crap. ISO, shutters speed, white balance, aperture, and filters blah blah blah.
Daniel takes these technically amazing photographs with my camera, it's really irritating actually. He's learned so much so quickly and I am fumbling about like a total idiot, like the total amateur that I am. :-)
I've discovered these AMAZING photographers and I want to take equally amazing photographs NOW! Oh well. Here are a few amazing photographers on flickr:
Abi - my little sister, artist and friend, her husband's work is amazing as well.
*Cinnamon - like perfectly aged wine. Her photos are masterpieces of photography.
DawnM -discovered today and in a word perfect.
Sara - an inspiration in more ways than just photographic.

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Amy said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Even more frustrating is the fact that sometimes you only learn/remember something by screwing up what would have been great pictures. I have done that more than once. It seems like the more I learn the more I am frustrated by my limitations and how much I DON'T know! I wish I had a tutor to come alongside me and let me pick their brain and ask a million dumb questions :)

I am constantly in awe of *Cinnamon. She is Flickr-famous...she makes Explore like once a week. Another of my faves is katbphotos - one of my contacts - she takes a photo a day of her little boy and he is CUTE. She's really a master at post-processing.